We the People

Your government, my government, our future

Honest governing begins at home. Governing is not "those politicians" or Washington or "the government"; it's you, me, and those we elect to represent us. Governing well requires bravery and humility. These qualities seem to be in short supply right now.

By not going to the polls we abdicate our civic duties. If we are inattentive, the elected may try to pry away our civic clout and maintain their status quo by making it harder for us to vote. Gerrymandering, ballot restrictions, and other barriers to entry have rigged our political processes.

Our government has become inequitable and inefficient. We need to remove existing favoritism and partiality. A convoluted, loophole-riddled tax code and sector-specific subsidies limit economic freedom and hamper free markets. When those already ahead cut the rungs of the ladder behind themselves, the doors of opportunity close little by little over time.

The bulk of federal subsidies go to the well off: agricultural subsidies go to large businesses; housing tax breaks go to those in expensive homes. Nonwage income – interest, dividends, capital gains – is taxed at a lower rate than wage income. The result? Income tax rates are higher and payroll taxes are piled on the employed and their employers. Rejecting favoritism is not about soaking the rich or setting anyone at a disadvantage; it's about fairness and equity, treating all equally whether they receive a pension, retirement account distribution, government benefit, or paycheck.

Governing always comes back to us. The power of the ballot is and must always be ours. Choose well and our future has no horizon. Ultimately, it's up to we the people to leave something for the kids rather than take it all for ourselves now.