End Favoritism

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The Big Picture

Favoritism exists in government preferences, policies, and subsidies that affect us all


The Details

End favoritism that extends special treatment to specific groups and individuals
  • Nonwage income is taxed more lightly than wage income
  • Homeowner debt gets a tax break whereas other debt and renters do not
  • 30-year mortgages are implicitly subsidized by the Federal Housing Administration
  • Student debt issued by the U.S. Government carries a lower interest rate than privately issued debt
  • Corporate debt is an advantaged investment over cash holdings and equity debt
  • Charitable giving gets a tax break and raises overall tax rates
  • Employer-provided health plans are not taxed
  • State taxes are subsidized by the federal government
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans are available to about half of Americans yet offer advantages over Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Corn-based ethanol content is mandated in our gasoline at an ever increasing rate though we're driving less
  • Oil refineries can export gasoline but oil companies can't export crude oil
  • U.S.-flagged ships are mandated for domestic transport, raising costs and consumer prices
  • Some states prohibit direct manufacture-to-consumer car sales
  • Military bases and USPS offices are kept open by Congress though they have have no mission and raise little revenue
  • Some farm products such as wheat, peanuts, and milk have guaranteed prices that raise the price of food
  • The major parties write themselves into state statutes as "recognized political parties"